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Incorporated Radiation Protection Professional

For those who provide guidance on radiation protection measures and who manage or advise on applications of current or developing technology in the field of radiation protection.

Those professionals who hold the title IRadP will be able to demonstrate:

  • Attainment of NVQ Level 4 in an appropriate radiation protection discipline, or equivalent radiation protection knowledge
  • Application of specialist radiation protection knowledge and understanding to deliver projects or services with analysis and solution of radiation protection challenges
  • Responsibility for technical tasks or supervision of others
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Commitment to professional values and continuous professional development

Successful applicants are entitled to use the Post Nominals IRadP.

You must demonstrate that you meet the Criteria for IRadP

AApplication of Radiation Protection Knowledge and Understanding
A1 Use radiation protection, scientific, and technical principles to exploit and/or develop technologies to enhance or improve current practices and to meet legal compliance
A2 Contribute to the radiation protection training and education of others, be it public or professional
A3 Generation of radiation protection guidance, work permits or work instructions
BAnalysis and solution of radiation protection challenges
B1 Apply a logical and/or a creative approach to problem solving
B2 Identify practical or managerial issues requiring solution, plan and then implement solution(s)
B3 Evaluate solutions and advise on improvements
CPersonal Responsibility
C1 Work autonomously whilst recognising your own limits
C2 Make effective use of all resources available (such as people, time, finance, radiation protection knowledge and experience)
C3 Advising on safe working practices
C4 Observe and promote organisational safety culture
DInterpersonal Skills
D1 Communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and by written word, with others at all levels
D2 Act independently or participate effectively within a team when carrying out tasks
D3 Bring about continuous improvement through quality management
D4 Exert appropriate influence to ensure appropriate radiological protection
EProfessional Practice
E1 Comply with all relevant Codes of Conduct
E2 Undertake a self-motivated programme of continuous professional development
E3 Demonstrate technical and managerial integrity in all professional matters