How does becoming a Licensee benefit us?

The Radiation Protection Council licenses Professional Bodies to admit their members to its Registers of radiation protection professionals. Becoming a Licensee will

  • Enable your members to gain professional recognition in the field of radiation protection, thus demonstrating their expertise and professional behaviour
  • Provide an additional benefit to members that may encourage people to join
  • Ensures your organisation plays an increased role in setting and maintaining standards of radiation protection through a representative on the RPC

 How does it work?

  • Applications should be made to the RPC to become a Licensee
  • Licensees must demonstrate how they will assess applicants against the Standards
  • Licensees must demonstrate how they will audit CPD of applicants
  • Licensees must have a Code of Conduct for registrants and demonstrate procedures for investigating any breach of this
  • Templates for application forms, guidance, code of conduct and CPD scheme are available if required
  • Licensee fees and number of seats on the RPC will be linked to the number of registrants


RPC requirements for Licensees

RPC Licensee admission procedure form

RPC Registration – Certification Process Flow