How does Professional Recognition benefit me?

Professional recognition is regarded in many fields as providing evidence of competence and experience in a particular area. It will

  • Provide evidence of your expertise, competence and continuing professional development
  • Demonstrate your professional attitude – something that will be valued by employers, customers, auditors and regulators
  • Enhance your status within your organisation and profession
  • Give you greater influence within your organisation and industry
  • Improve your career prospects and employability

How does it work?

The Radiation Protection Council licenses Professional Organisations to admit their members to its Registers of radiation protection professionals:

  • Application for Registration must be through one of the Licensees
  • Applicants need to meet RPC’s Standards
  • Application forms and guidance may be obtained from the Licensees

RPC Registration – Certification Process Flow

Registration Levels

Chartered Radiation Protection Professional

Incorporated Radiation Protection Professional

Technical Radiation Protection Professional

Successful Applicants agree

  • to be bound by their Licensee’s Code of Conduct, which should reflect best practice and require that its Registrants show a high level of integrity and professionalism
  • to take the necessary steps to maintain and enhance their competence through Continuing Professional Development (inclusion on the Registers is maintained by recording and reporting Continuing Professional Development to the Licensee on an annual basis)