In the field of Radiation Protection, registration with The Radiation Protection Council provides many benefits:

For Applicants – Professional recognition

  • Provides evidence of your expertise, competence and continuing professional development
  • Demonstrates your professional attitude – something that will be valued by employers, customers, auditors and regulators
  • Enhances your status within your organisation and profession
  • Gives you greater influence within your organisation and industry
  • Improves your career prospects and employability

For Employers – Encouraging and supporting your Employees to be professionally recognised

  • Increases your organisation’s scientific, technical and managerial credibility with customers, auditors and regulators
  • Gives you assurance that your employees have satisfied a thorough assessment of their radiation protection competence
  • Indicates the commitment of your staff and their adherence to a code of professional conduct
  • Will result in a positive impact on recruitment and staff retention

For Professional Bodies – Registering as a Licensee with The Radiation Protection Council

  • Enables your members to gain professional recognition in the field of radiation protection, thus demonstrating their expertise and professional behaviour
  • Provides an additional benefit to members that may encourage people to join
  • Ensures your organisation plays an increased role in setting and maintaining standards of radiation protection through having a representative on The Radiation Protection Council