Council Members




Brigadier Tony Faith CBE (Chair)

After a full career in the Army, Tony was selected in 2008 as the Under-Treasurer (Chief Executive) of the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, one of the Inns of Court. In this appointment, he was closely involved in regulatory and general policy issues as they affected the barristers’ profession including a comprehensive review of the Bar Tribunal Service. He retired from Gray’s in 2016 and was made an Honorary Bencher. He is now the Chairman of a Commonwealth Charity based in London – the Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship and a Trustee of a Royal British Legion Care Home in Ripon.



Tony Harking (Deputy Chair)

Tony was commissioned into the Royal Engineers in 1976 and after a full career in the Armed Forces he retired in 2011 with his last role leading a £14Bn PFI project to deliver technical training to the RN, Army and RAF. He was appointed as the Head of Programmes with Babcock International Land Division in 2011 until 2016 when he was selected as the Under-Treasurer (Chief Executive) of the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, one of the Inns of Court. In this appointment, he was closely involved in regulatory and general policy issues as they affected the barristers’ profession. He retired from Gray’s in 2022 and was made an Honorary Bencher. He is now undertaking some consultancy work for Babcock International Group and is a Trustee of The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers Association.



Peter Marsden (SRP Licensor Representative)

Peter is an Honorary Fellow and Past President of SRP and has extensive experience in the governance of the Society. He holds CRadP status and currently sits on the Board of RPA 2000 and is an RPA, RWA and MPE assessor. He was Chair of the SRP Professional Accreditation Working Group, is currently Chair of the SRP Governance Committee, and represents SRP in collaborating with other professional bodies on developing oversight of Radiation Expert recognition.



Alison Holburt (SRP Licensor Representative for liaison with Partner Societies)

Alison holds CRadP status and has over 30 years’ experience working in radiological protection in the nuclear industry, providing both practical radiological protection advice to significant alpha and beta-gamma plants and in the implementation of radiological protection legislation and standards. This has included developing and delivering training for RPAs and other safety professionals, participating as part of the emergency duty team and also contributing to the IAEA work on disused sources as the UK representative.



Rob Storrie (SRP Licensee Representative)

Rob has nearly 40 years’ experience in Environment Health & Safety, radiological protection, nuclear assurance and decommissioning, working in multi-industry sectors. After deciding on early retirement in 2021 from GE Healthcare (Senior EHS Leader Pharmaceutical Diagnostics & Nuclear Liabilities Management), Rob focussed on allocating time to supporting SRP.  Rob has in the past been an SRP Council member and member/secretary of various SRP committees (Awards & Sponsorship, Communications and the International Committee (the predecessor of the Committee for Liaison with IRPA & Partner Societies) and has also participated in SRP’s outreach events. Rob holds CRadP status and is an appointed assessor to assess applications from SRP members to the Professional Register.



Commander Mark Chambers RN (SRP Licensee Representative)

Mark is a Radiation Protection Adviser, Chartered Radiation Protection Professional and is currently a Radiation Protection Manager for Rolls Royce Submarines. Formally a Commander in the Royal Navy, he acted as their Head of Radiation Protection and appointed Radiation Protection Adviser. He has over 20 years’ experience in the leadership and management of operational health physics, occupational health, assurance, security, and emergency response. He is a keen innovator and project leader, having worked in strategic and senior leadership positions within the Naval Nuclear Propulsion and Strategic Weapons programmes. He fulfils several volunteer roles including Radiation Protection Adviser for the National Museum of the Royal Navy, fund manager for the Gibraltar Naval Trust and appointed assessor for Registration with the Radiation Protection Council (CRadP, IRadP etc). He has been an active member of several SRP committees.



Roger Wilson (SRP Licensee Representative)

Roger has now retired after 40 years’ experience in radiation protection. Five years was with MoD in connection with depleted uranium munitions firings and 15 years with BNFL’s fuel fabrication plants at Springfields advising on both operational and environmental radiation protection with both employers and was an appointed RPA at Springfields. He was a nuclear site regulator with SEPA for 14 years. This included work on the formation of DSRL from UKAEA, technical aspects of the determination of DSRL’s application for a new Low Level Waste Disposal site and the disposition/consolidation of nuclear wastes and materials including waste substitution methodologies. He also was the environmental regulator for HMS Vulcan Naval Reactor Test Establishment. The final part of his career was with a nuclear industry contractor where he managed their radiological protection system, including certification to French standards and was the nominated person in charge of their Approved Dosimetry Service.

Roger is a Fellow of SRP and holds CRadP status. He has been an active member of the SRP Qualifications and Professional Standards Committee, promoting the broadening of professional recognition within radiation protection and latterly was seconded to the Radiation Protection Council as a Licensee representative.


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